The Making of Opalavision

On Location

  Tamara hops in with operator Kelly, to find out first hand just what kind of expertise it takes to operate those big collection trucks!
  Most trucks toil in anonymity. ­ This was Kelly's truck's chance to be a star!
  Aulani, Oceanic's Camera Operator, climbs on a roof to get the best shot. That's dedication!
  Tamara inspects a blue recycling cart. It passes the test!
  She might be an expert on what goes in the blue recycling carts, but she's not much taller than one. A phone book gives her a quick boost so she can tell her story.
  Henry Kapono and Jon Brekke pose in Oceanic's green-studio. The green screen facilitates the development of the virtual sets for The Green Channel.
  Our Opala-master Jonah poses with the video crew after the day's shoot. After two hours of "let's try that once more" he's happy to have the crew members with him on the set. And we made sure to try this shot more than once.
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