The Making of Opalavision

About Opalavision
The City’s Department of Environmental Services (ENV) was invited by Oceanic Time Warner Cable to pioneer programming for The Green Channel (332). The Green Channel is an interactive television channel for digital cable subscribers, plus online viewing through a web interface on

ENV’s programming is called “Opalavision,” a play on “opala,” the Hawaiian word for garbage, which has been the focus of many ENV public awareness campaigns and branding for our website. Opalavision will be a recycling resource complementing

Opalavision presents informative messages about recycling programs on Oahu in entertaining three-minute episodes. The hosts are young, local actors, who take viewers on journeys about how refuse travels from home to the processing centers or how schools make a difference through recycling projects such as food waste composting with worms.

Their characters are recycling akamai, or like Ari, just think they are. Each episode will inspire action and show how each of us can make a difference to our environment.

About The Green Channel
Oceanic Time Warner Cable is producing The Green Channel (332), the first eco-conscious television network in the nation. The locally produced channel will provide viewers a single source to explore information about eco-friendly initiatives aimed at preserving Hawaii’s island paradise.

The Green Channel is being designed around genres of programming that will be developed and introduced incrementally in partnership with businesses, organizations and individuals, covering energy, water, transportation, etc. The Green Channel launches with focus on one of today’s most important environmental issues about how recycling and intelligent waste management contribute to our island’s sustainability.

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