The City & County of Honolulu offers to non-profits, schools and other city agencies the use of the ClearRecycle container for events. This container is designed as a thick steel frame that can be transported easily and set up in seconds.

  • When set up the dimensions of the ClearStream is 40" H X 27" L X 19" W.
  • The dimension of the closed frame is 40" H X 3" W X 24" L.
  • The CleaRecycle takes 40" W by 46" L clear bags, which stretch over the frame for a perfect fit.
  • The CleaRecycle container lids are decaled with either "Aluminum Only." "Plastic Only," or "Aluminum and Plastic."
  • Your organization is responsible for coordinating the redemption of the deposit beverage containers collected in the CleaRecycle.
  • Make sure to secure the receptacles to avoid theft. Your organization may be responsible for the replacement of any containers that are not returned.
  • 45 CleaRecycle containers are available upon request, on a first-come, first-reserved basis.

For more information call 768-3200 or email

To reserve the CleaRecycle for your fundraising event, please complete and email or fax this application form (PDF).

Confirmation of the reservation and directions to the pick-up/drop-off site will be emailed.

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