Mandatory Business Recycling Ordinaces

While managing your business’ waste, waste prevention should be the top priority. What can’t be prevented should be recycled, when possible. The City and County of Honolulu requires liquor-serving establishments to recycle glass bottles; large food establishments to recycle food and beverage waste; and large offices buildings to recycle paper, newspaper and cardboard.

Affected businesses are mailed annual notices to fill out a Mandatory Business Recycling Compliance Form. The City conducts year round random inspections of businesses, and also investigates those reported to be in violation. Businesses in violation may be subject to penalties. Business that ask for assistance will not be penalized, and a Recycling Specialist will work with them to set up an effective recycling program.

Recycling requirements may be suspended for any business if the cost to collect and recycle is more than the cost to collect and dispose of the targeted materials.

Business are also affected by the: Plastic Bag Ban, Disposable Food Ware Ordinance, and waste disposal ordinances that restrict or ban the disposal of green waste, electronic waste, cardboard, tires, auto batteries, white goods and scrap metals.


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