Condo Recycling Program

The City and County of Honolulu offers condos and multi-family properties informational guides and assistance in establishing a recycling program. Read about our options ‘Ekahi, ‘Elua, and ‘Ekolu below. Contact the City’s Recycling Branch for any questions at or call 768-3200, ext. 7.



The City offers a multitude of residential services for recycling and disposal of your household items. We offer informational handouts and guides to keep your residents in the loop about best management practices to help keep our island clean. Contact our office at 768-3200, ext. 7 and we can work with you for your informational needs. See what’s available below. For electronic versions, visit our Print Media page.

Guides & Handouts

  • Bring Your Own Bag reminder sticker
  • Bulky Item Collection guide
  • Construction and Demolition Waste for Homeowners Only tip card
  • Dead Animal Collection tip card
  • Drop-Off Disposal Facility Map
  • Food Too Good to Waste booklet
  • Home Fire Extinguishers tip card
  • Household Hazardous Waste tip card
  • Illegal Dumping tip card
  • Mandatory Business Recycling tip sheets (Food, Glass, Office Paper)
  • Plastic Bag Ban tip sheet
  • Propane tip card
  • Recycling Disposal Guide for Oahu
  • Sort it Out tip sheet
  • Tires tip card
  • What’s in Your Blue Bin sticker

For the Keiki

  • `Ōpala IQ Activity booklet
  • Where Do Things Go coloring book

Condo recycling tip card

Condo Recycling Program Tip Card: Overview of the assistance available for condos and multi-family properties.


Picture of City Print Material for public information



The City offers long-term use of our 96-gallon wheeled carts for your recycling collection program. The property is responsible for arranging pick-up or transport of recyclables and maintaining and securing carts. Up to 20 carts can be loaned. Annual progress reports will be required for participating properties. Download, complete, and submit the Recycling Collection Container Form to request use of the carts.

Decals to label your carts with appropriate material types (e.g. aluminum, plastic) are also available.

Blue Carts


The City will reimburse multi-family property associations or residential building owners for expenditures associated with start-up of recycling programs for their residential facilities. Reimbursement can be up to $2,000.00 depending on funding availability. Costs can include recycling containers, equipment, educational material, and system design consultation and coordination. Follow these easy steps to get established:

STEP 1: Plan & Consult
Think about how you want to organize your recycling program. The City will work with you to help set-up your plan. Considerations:

    • Material types you want to recycle
    • Types & quantity of receptacles needed
    • Optimal locations for receptacles
    • Collection or delivery of recyclables
    • Promoting your program

STEP 2: Pre-approval Request
Once you have an idea of how you want to organize your recycling program, download and complete the Reimbursement Pre-approval Form. Return the form to or mail to our office at 1000 Uluohia St, Ste. 201 Kapolei, HI 96707.

STEP 3: Reimbursement Request
Once pre-approval is given, complete and return the Reimbursement Request Form with the required documents (e.g. receipts, photographs, etc.). Qualifying properties are required to register using the City’s Vendor Self-Service (VSS) registration process. Please visit the City’s Division of Purchasing webpage at to register.

STEP 4: Implement, Maintain, & Report
Set up your recycling program and educate your residents about proper practices for your program. In participating with the program, the property agrees to allow City personnel to inspect the recycling programs for verification. The association or building owner also agrees to submit annual progress reports to the City to summarize progress.





  • General

    • Recycling benefits multi-family properties by reducing overall rubbish tonnages. This can potentially reduce costs for refuse services.
    • For your program, set-up containers in a centralized, convenient location. Examples are common areas, such as parking garages or by trash chutes.
    • Use signage that is easy-to-read to help minimize any unwanted material within your program.
    • Consider reuse and donation options before disposal. See Reduce and Reuse page.
  • Green Waste Practices

    • Yard trimming from common areas can be chipped, mulched and used on your landscaping.
    • Have your landscape contractor remove the green waste and deliver to a composter rather than leaving it for disposal.
    • Leave grass clippings on the lawn.
    • Self-haul to a composting facility. See list of Recycling and Composting Companies on O`ahu.



The following properties have implemented recycling programs and are willing to share their experiences.

  • Ko'olina Hillside Villas: 680-0208
  • 1717 Ala Wai Condominium:






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