School & Non- Profit Organization Recycling

Recycling offers schools and non-profit organizations with great opportunity to fundraise. Monies collected from a recycling drive can help support needed school supplies, programs, events and projects. The City can provide the tools and resources to organize and promote and recycling fundraising event to collect and redeem deposti containers.

Recycling Containers

CleaRecycle Program


Customizable banners are now available to increase awareness of the event.
Interested schools and organizations should contact the Recycling Branch for more information at 768-3200 or email info@opala.org.

To help promote your recycling fundraiser, design your own posters and flyers. Plenty of recycling graphics are available for downloading in the Media Library.


HI-5 Collection Service

Local recycling companies can assist with your fundraising event by providing large containers to fill and facilitate the collection of Hi-5 deposit beverage containers.  These companies offer HI-5 collection services.  Please contact these businesses for more information:

  • Honolulu Disposal Service/Honolulu Recovery Systems
    Offers free pick-up for your school's next HI-5 fundraising drive.
    Call 841-3179 for more information.
  • RRR Recycling Services Hawaii
    Offers free pick-up for your school's next HI-5 fundraising drive.
    Call 682-5600 for more information
  • Reynolds Recycling
    Offers free pick-up of your school's sorted and bagged HI-5 beverage containers.
    Call 487-2802 for more information.

Donate Recyclables to Charity

There are several non-profit organizations that will accept HI-5 deposit container donations and will pick it up from your location.  Whether you are a resident wanting to donate deposit containers or an organization that would like to organize a recycling fundraiser to benefit a charitable organization, monies collected help these non-profit organizations to continue the important work they do within our island communities.

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