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O`ahu Bulky Item
Appointment Collection Service

Beginning July 1, 2020 the City began bulky item collection by appointment only for all areas of O`ahu. Schedule your appointment using the tool below.

Information and Documents

Consider Reuse options for your items before disposal:
There are numerous nonprofit organizations involved in reuse operations and some may provide pickup services. A donation of goods to a qualified organization with 501(c)(3) status may even provide a tax deduction for the donor.

Before you begin, see our Bulky Item Collection Rules and Guidelines for setout rules and to learn what types of items can be collected.

Appointment Guidelines:

  • Only one appointment per address can be made per month except for in Waikiki, where residents can make weekly appointments.
  • Description and quantity of items is required.Only items scheduled for pick up will be collected.
  • Use the Comments field of the appointment to describe unusual circumstances, such as a pickup location other than your frontage, a pickup location that is not on the same street as your address, or a common pickup location for a multi-unit area where the items will be left for pickup. Any unusual circumstances for your pickup not described in the Comments field could lead to non-collection. Please note, City crews will not enter private property to retrieve bulky items scheduled for pick up.
  • Single family homes are able to dispose of up to five (5) bulky waste items and two (2) metal appliances per separate appliance appointment.
  • Each individual unit in multi-unit residential buildings are able to schedule up to five (5) bulky waste items for disposal and two (2) metal appliances per separate appliance appointment.
  • AOAOs and property/resident managers may choose to schedule up to twenty (20) bulky items per collection and eight (8) metal appliances per separate metal appointment. To select this option, please contact the City's Refuse Division at collection@honolulu.gov or by calling 768-3200 option "0."
  • Use the tool below to schedule an appointment. For questions or concerns regarding bulky item collection, please call 768-3200.

Drop-off options: If you are unable to wait until the next available appointment, drop-off options are available every day. Listing of Convenience Centers and Transfer Stations, hours and guidelines for use.

To schedule an appointment enter your address in the tool below:

If your house number begins with "0", please do not include the "0" in the address search. Correct: 91-99; incorrect: 91-099.

Be sure to click "Submit Request" to finalize your appointment.


Enforcement/Education: Refuse Inspectors will be dispatched to ensure the public is properly following the new bulky item collection program rules and procedures. Public education and outreach will be the primary focus to encourage compliance prior to violations being issued.

Community Input: Data will be collected to analyze various components of the new bulky item collection program. If you would like to leave your feedback, please take our survey and provide your comments and concerns using the survey tab in the tool above.

Information and Documents:
Frequently Asked Questions
Notification Letter for Single Family Homes
Notification Letter for Multi-Unit Residential Buildings
Bulky Item Service Brochure
Non-Collection Notice Bulky Sticker Info
Neighborhood Board Slideshow Presentation
Press Release (April 30, 2019)
Press Release (July 24,2019)
Press Release (May 22, 2020)
Videos and Interviews

ENV Matters Podcast Episode 1: Bulky Item Appointment System


  • Put items out for collection no earlier than 6:00 p.m. the evening before your scheduled appointment day. Items must be curbside by 6:00 a.m. on your appointment day to ensure pickup.
  • Follow the appointment instructions to empty, bundle, secure glass or leave items unsealed.
  • Follow size and weight restrictions: 6 foot and 60 pound maximum for long items and bundles.
  • For single-family homes, place items on the curbside fronting your property. Do not block sidewalks, driveways or roadways.
  • For multi-family units, items should be placed in common pick-up locations. Contact your resident or property manager to identify these locations.