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Oahu recycling rates are above the national average and Honolulu ranks among the top cities in the country in landfill diversion. By employing both recycling and waste-to-energy, more than 70% of Oahu's municipal solid waste is being diverted from Waimanalo Gulch Landfill. Expansions to the H-POWER waste-to-energy plant and increases in recycling will further decrease what goes to landfill.
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**For blue and green carts missed on Monday, 7/27/20, hold recyclables and greenwaste until the next SCHEDULED collection day.


In the case of any major disaster, the City will let residents know when to follow these FEMA guidelines


COVID-19 Service Updates & Notices

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What to Recycle?
How to Dispose of...?

Bulky Item Collection Appointments and Information

Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan Update Information

2019 ISWMP Final
Public Notices
WGSL Public Hearing July 17,2020
2017 Total Waste Composition Study
2016 Blue Cart Mixed Recyclables Study



2017 Landfill Update
"Assessment of Municipal Solid Waste Handling Requirements for the Island of O'ahu, November 2017"




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