Wheeled Recycling Carts

The City offers 96-gallon, wheeled recycling carts to schools, nonprofits, and condos for long-term use for recycling collection programs. You would be responsible, however, for arranging pick-up or transport of the recyclables to a Certified Redemption Center or recycling facility.

  • The wheeled cart’s dimensions are 45 3/8”H X 27 1/2”W X 33 1/4”D, with a weight of 35 lbs. empty.
  • The carts are decaled so you can collect aluminum, plastic, and glass containers in separate carts or commingle them in one cart.
  • The recycling carts must be kept secured. Damaged or stolen carts should be reported to the City’s Recycling Office at 768-3200.
  • You may request up to 30 wheeled, recycling carts for your ongoing fundraising program or up to 20 carts for a condo recycling program.
  • The carts can be picked up from the City facility during regular business hours -- call 768-3200 to arrange a time.
  • If you wish to return the carts to the City you will need to transport them to the nearest refuse collection yard.
  • Nonprofit organizations and schools are responsible for coordinating the redemption of the deposit beverage containers collected and stored in the carts. Multi-family residential buildings are responsible for coordinating the pick-up and recycling of materials collected.

For more information regarding recycling carts for schools, non-profits or multi-family residential buildings, call the Recycling Office at 768-3200 or email opala@honolulu.gov. To reserve the 96-gallon, wheeled recycling carts for your fundraising, please download and fax (or scan and email) the corresponding application form.

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