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These printed brochures and guides are available from the City upon request. You can click to open PDF files for review, print them yourself, or call to request quantities.

Recycling and Disposal Guide for Oahu
(printable version) Comprehensive guide covering curbside and drop-off recycling programs; bulky item collection; condo, business, and school recycling assistance; Refuse Division and recycling company directories.

  Food: Too Good To Waste Cookbook and Smart Food Tips
A great resource for creative recipes with leftovers, food waste prevention tips, and more.

Bulky Item Collection flyer (side one and side two) Bulky item schedules and collection information.


Opala IQ book is a fun and informative educational tool to help students and families become more opala akamai. Inside find activities such as word finder, crossword puzzle, coloring pages, Opala IQ questions, and a pull-out poster with information about what to sort and recycle on one side and space on the other side for students to fill-in collection schedules and drop-off locations specific to their home. Geared toward students in grade 5 and above.

Where Do Things Go? Coloring Activity Book helps students learn to sort it out with Kevin and the three animated carts. Adapted from the Honolulu Theatre for Youth production by the same name, performed during their 2010-11 Season of Science. You can rewatch the performance on The Green Channel on Oceanic 332 and online here at  Geared for K-3, but appropriate for all who enjoy coloring.
  The Spirits of Recycling Coloring Activity Book pay a cheerful visit to Kevin on the night before Christmas, helping him to Sort It Out during the holiday season. Adapted from the Honolulu Theatre for Youth production of "Christmas Talk Story" performed during their 2012-2013 Season of Classics. Geared for K-3, but appropriate for all who enjoy coloring
  More detail about What to Recycle in the curbside recycling program
Detailed instruction on how to properly sort it out into the three-cart curbside recycling system. Includes helpful tips.
  (New & Improved!) Blue Bin Sticker
Instructions on how to properly sort it out into the blue cart.
Plastic Bag Ban Tip Sheet  

Plastic Bag Ban Information Sheet
Overview of the City ordinance, descriptions of acceptable bags and list of exemptions.


Food Waste Recycling: Tips and Guidelines

Glass Recycling: Tips and Guidelines Office Paper Recycling: Tips and Guidelines
Recycling tipsheets for restaurants, bars, and office buildings. Get the facts about the City ordinances that affect certain commercial entities.
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