Powerpoint Presentations and Video

(6 minutes)

H-POWER Expansion Presentation
An expansion to H-POWER in 2012 increased the plant's capacity by an additional 300,000 tons. This PowerPoint presentation provides the background information and data to justify the expansion, and presents perspective about the benefits and utilization of waste to energy nationally and around the world. More information about H-POWER.

Click below to take a virtual conceptual tour of the expansion project.

H-POWER Expansion Virtual Tour


Office Paper Recycling Presentation
City agencies as well as commercial office buildings are required by City Ordinance to recycle office paper. This PowerPoint presentation provides guidelines for City employees about their office paper recycling program -- how it works, why it’s important, how the paper is recycled. More information about City Agency RecyclingMandatory Recycling Laws and Business Recycling Assistance.

The Mayor's Community Meeting on Recycling
During the initial stages for updating the City’s solid waste master plan and prior to launching the curbside recycling program, the mayor sought public input on the general direction of the plan and for the curbside recycling program strategy specifically. This PowerPoint presentation provides a detailed overview of recycling and waste-to-energy status as of 2006 and projects the impacts of planned increases on landfill diversion.  More information about How the City Manages Our Waste, Future Plans, Curbside Recycling.

Virtual Tour de Trash
If you can’t get on the bus and take one of the tours in person, this is the next best thing – a virtual tour via the PowerPoint presentation of the City’s award-winning Tour de Trash, site-seeing the trashier side of Oahu to get an up-close look at the recycling and waste processing facilities and model business recycling programs.  More information about Tour de Trash.

Community Videos


This public service announcement was created by Ka Wai Ola O Waianae in an effort to educate residents about proper disopsal of refuse at the City's Waianae Refuse Convenience Center.

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