The Making of Opalavision

Meet the Actors

  Tamara: She’s the boots on the ground in the war on waste. She sees when you’re sleeping and knows what’s in your blue cart. H-POWER makes her do back flips. Or maybe she just likes doing back flips. Either way, with this reporter on the beat, waste makes haste.

Tamara outside the studio…
Tamara Rapp knows sustainability and how to build it. She constructed a sustainable living house model with her class at Moanaloa High School last year. She is already voicing her opinion and can be found at local Senate hearings.

  Darah: She mulches. She sorts. She vermicultures. And she does it all in three-inch heels.

Darah outside the studio…
Darah Dung is no stranger to recycling. She was recycling her bottles and cans before shiny nickels were the reward. When she attended Noelani Elementary School, they piled recyclables into mountains just to win prizes like stuffed animals.

What's In Your Blue Cart?

  Cody Cool: Cody can crush recyclable cans with his bare hands. He has the bulky item pick-up schedule tattooed on his biceps. He’s the compost king.

Cody outside the studio…
Cody Gomes grew up crushing recyclable cans with a hand-operated machine. By the time he was eight years old, he had eight-pack abs. His role on Opalavision is a natural way for Cody to share his passion for recycling with all of us.

What's in Your Blue Cart?

  Jonah: Sharp as a tack and tall as a tree, he knows recycling like he knows the quadratic equation. And trust us, he KNOWS the quadratic equation. If going green seems complicated, Jonah’s here to make it as simple as separating plastic and aluminum.

Jonah outside the studio…
Jonah Hookano grew up recycling at home only because his mother told him to. Now, as a star on Opalavision he is a role model and pro recycler. It's never too late to learn how to sort!

What's in Your Blue Cart?

Brandi and Ari: It’s a love-hate relationship for this trash-talking two-some. Ari’s always right, but Brandi’s always righter. Meet the King and Queen of Green.

Ari outside the studio…
It wasn’t always easy being green for Ari Dalbert. When he was just three years old he almost recycled himself. He was helping his dad unload recyclables when he fell from the ladder he was using and into the recycling bin. Lucky for Ari, a heap of recycled cardboard broke his fall.

Brandi outside the studio…
Brandi Taylor and her family have been recycling faithfully for years. She eagerly awaits the rewarding pile of nickels at the end – to be spent on ice cream or mini-golfing!

What's in Your Blue Cart?

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