Photos from the 1999 Recycled Art Calendar

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CREDIT:  Reprinted courtesy of Shuzo Uemoto, Copyright 1999, Shuzo Uemoto.  All rightsreserved.

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Chimney Series

Medium: Recycled glass, copper

Artist: Magnus Weighton

Hawaii Rat

Medium: Telephone receivers, wood, nails, fork, washers

Artist: Bernard Moriaz

Let Your Green Light Shine

Medium: Plastic watering can, garden hose, fishing line

Artist: Don Walker

Wheel of Man

Medium: Bicycle wheel, wood, nails, compact disc case

Artist: Sabra Rae Feldstein


Medium: Slipper foam, plastics, bone, shell, costume jewelry

Artist: Melissa Arnold

Angel with Anthurium

Medium: Recycled glass

Artist: Robert Miller

Flower Stand

Medium: Corrugated cardboard, paper, wood, nails, wire, paint

Artist: Mark Alan Chai


Medium: Corrugated cardboard, shredded recycled paper, buttons

Artist: Linda Oszajca

Quilt #2

Medium: Recycled mu'u mu'u, aloha shirts

Artist: Terry Bear

Rasta Wreath

Medium: Dried palm, milo and eucalyptus pods, baby coconuts, paint

Artist: Kathy Tosh

Sticks & Stuff

Medium: Old chair, cloth, branches, twigs

Artist: Alshaa T. Rayne

What I Learned at the Buddah's Bazaar

Medium: Telephone wire, bamboo, wire strainer, chopsticks

Artist: Suzanne Marinelli

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