Photos from the 1998 Recycled Art Calendar

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CREDIT:  Reprinted courtesy of Shuzo Uemoto, Copyright 1999, Shuzo Uemoto.  All rightsreserved.

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Hope Pin

Medium: copper, brass, aluminum, beads

Artist: Brooke Israel

Indigo Guardian

Medium: Obi fabric, indigo dyes, bones, beads

Artist: Melissa Arnold

Nomadic Prophets

Medium: Wood, feathers, beads, fabric

Artist: George Bogden, Christopher Chapman, Christopher Ritson, Justin Shishido

Heart Goes Out to You

Medium: Aluminum, copper, fence wire, beach glass

Artist: Charles Mattoch

Shard on a Bird Bath

Medium: Old porcelain, sink, ceramic tile

Artist: Kristen (Spanky) Kenny

The Face of Hawaii

Medium: Paper, dried palm fronds, cardboard

Artist: Lilia Daines & Ashley Enanoria


Medium: Saw blade, metal, wood, found objects

Artist: Bernard Moriaz


Medium: Washboard, old shoes, bones, rocks, found objects

Artist: George Vye


Medium: Wood, paper, paint, glue

Artist: M. Leslie

Palm Pieces

Medium: Dried palm, paint

Artist: Kathy Tosh

Sea Glass Turtle

Medium: Beach glass, copper wire

Artist: Dale Marie Cronn

Nomadic Prophet

Medium: Wood, feathers, beads, fabric

Artist: Jeff Casebier

Bag O'Tricks

Medium: Recycled glass

Artist: Robert B. Miller

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