Photos from the 1997 Recycled Art Calendar

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CREDIT:  Reprinted courtesy of Shuzo Uemoto, Copyright 1999, Shuzo Uemoto.  All rightsreserved.

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Angel Series

Medium: Recycled glass

Artist: Robert B. Miller

Bird House

Medium: Phone book cover, coconut husk, milk carton

Artist: Kerianne Ching

Red Dog

Medium: Found objects, nails construction materials

Artist: Bernard Moriaz

Mimi and Mundungala

Medium: Found objects

Artist: La Pietra School

Prepare For Lift-Off

Medium: Broken chair, leather, wire, fabrics, colored pencils

Artist: Alshaa Taya Rayne


Medium: Coconut, leather, feathers, shells

Artist: M. Goodwill

Cardboard is Good

Medium: Corrugated Cardboard

Artist: Mark Alan Chai

Distant Memories

Medium: Soda can tabs, old charms

Artist: Sally Meier Sonnerman

Too Bad You Can't Wear It

Medium: Paper, yarn, plastic, brushes, wire hanger

Artist: Hanly Ngai


Medium: Dead leaves, broken vase, gift box

Artist: Jan Newhart


Medium: Bottle, coral, shells, pressure guage

Artist: Jorgi Hartford


Medium: Wrought iron, wood, brass

Artist: Bob Klem

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