Recycling Projects and Assistance

Are you interested in implementing a recycling project at your school?
The City offers equipment, educational materials, and a team of experts to assist you.

Do you need equipment for your program?

Do you need help coordinating and implementing a recycling program at your school? These organizations can help:

  • Kokua Worms for classroom food waste composting projects

Do you need technical assistance with school recycling projects?
--Call our team of experts at 768-3200 and ask for the Schools Recycling Specialist

Do you need educational materials to supplement a recycling project?
The City can provide recycling activity books for students of varying ages.

Do you need educational television programming that can introduce your students to recycling and waste management operations on Oahu?
--Check out Opalavision on The Green Channel for 20+ three-minute fun and educational youth-friendly episodes.

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