Glass Recycling

Recycling glass is a simple, easy and useful thing we can all do to pitch in. For certain kinds of businesses, it is also required by law.  This section provides helpful information to help you plan and implement a glass recycling program for your business.

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It Works

Hard Rock Cafe. Hy's Steak House. Sheraton Hotels. Hilton Hawaiian Village. They’re just a few of the restaurants, hotels and bars that have discovered the advantages of glass recycling.

Recycling offers an opportunity to minimize refuse costs. If you throw all of your glass in a dumpster, you pay twice – once to haul it away and again to dispose of it. On the other hand, because glass has a market value, it can often be hauled away at no charge. And with less waste in your dumpster there is an opportunity to reduce your disposal cost.

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It’s Good for the Environment

Glass accounts for 60,000 tons per year of Oahu's waste stream. Recycling glass and other materials on Oahu will reduce the amount of waste going to disposal sites. Existing landfills will last longer and expensive expansions to H-POWER may not be needed.

A City ordinance requires the use of crushed glass, when it is available, in the asphalt-treated base of all reconstructed City roads -- it's called glasphalt. Glass shipped to the mainland is made into new glass bottles and jars, which saves energy and conserves natural resources.

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It’s the Law

To be in compliance with City law (effective July 1, 1996), liquor-serving establishments must recycle all glass bottles generated from their business including both HI5 deposit and non-deposit bottles.

  • Deposit glass bottles -  The majority of beverages in glass bottles from bars and restaurants  (e.g. beer, wine cooler, drink mix, malt beverage, soda, juice, water, iced tea) are HI-5 containers.
  • Non-deposit glass bottles include all non-beverage bottles as well as wine, liquor, and syrup bottles.
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What you can Recycle

  • Clear, green and brown glass bottles and jars

Remove bottle caps.  Labels do not need to be removed.

Do NOT recycle these glass items:

  • Mirrors
  • Ceramic cups & plates
  • Clay flower pots
  • Crystal
  • Light bulbs
  • Window glass
  • Oven ware
  • Drinking glasses
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Assessing your recycling options

Your glass can be collected by a refuse hauler, collector, or
recycling company, or you can do it yourself.

Refuse haulers offer a variety of recycling services and container options. If the hauler also provides refuse hauling for your facility, they may separately haul your glass at no additional charge. Start by asking your current hauler what type of recycling services and containers they offer. You can also check the yellow pages of your phone book for other haulers.

Collectors or recycling companies may offer various service arrangements and are usually willing to pick up your glass at no charge.  Some collectors and recycling companies provide you with recycling containers.

Do it yourself using maintenance personnel and/or volunteer employees. You can take HI-5 bottles to a redemption center to redeem deposits of $.05 per bottle.  Most redemption centers also accept non-deposit bottles and jars. As of December 2011, licensed glass recycling companies must pay you a minimum of $0.01 per pound for non-deposit glass.

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Glass Collectors and Recyclers

List of Collectors

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