Curbside Recycling -- From Curbside to Processing

Department of Environmental Services recycling specialists, referred to as the "Opala Team," monitor blue and green bins early in the mornings ahead of the collection truck.
Blue and green cart contents are checked.
The Opala Team tags bins with reminder or error notices whenever problems were noted. If the household places the wrong recycling bin at the curb or it contains large amounts of unacceptable material, the bin is tagged and moved away from the curb so it will not be collected. Lesser errors are noted to help the household make corrections, and the bin is allowed to be serviced.
Blue and green carts are emptied by an automated refuse truck.
The Opala Team visits the processing facilities to monitor as the collection trucks unload green waste at the composting facility and mixed recyclables at the recycling facility. The team notes visual observations and estimates of material composition and unacceptable items, and monitors the procedures and operations at the contractor facilities.
Mixed recyclables are delivered to RRR Recyclers Services facility in Campbell Industrial Park under contract. The mixed recyclables were unloaded on a concrete slab and pushed onto the conveyor line where pickers sorted the materials into separate commodity bins.
Sorted and bailed plastics ready to be shipped to market.
Collected green waste is delivered to the Hawaii Earth Products composting facility in Campbell Industrial Park under an islandwide green waste processing contract.
Automated and manual processes remove plastic bags before it heads to the tub grinder (above).
Compost and mulch (above) are two of the final products.
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