Recycled Products Guide


Asphalt made with 10% glass aggregate has been used in City asphalt treated road base since 1992. Glasphalt has been used for pavement at the Honolulu Zoo, Wahiawa Refuse Convenience Center, and Pepsi-Cola's Halawa facility.






Glass can be crushed to a size specified by the end-user. It can be used as aggregate substitute in road construction (glasphalt), as glass beads for reflective paint, as pipe cushion for French and storm drain systems, and as an abrasive (such as sandblasting grit).




Glass sand is made from 100% post-consumer glass and is produced in a wide variety of colors and particle sizes. It is used for ashtrays, filter media for swimming pools, golf course sand traps, and aquarium sand. It is also suitable for sandblasting, as it contains less than 0.10% silica.



Hawaiian Cracked Glass (Hilo) creates crushed glass garden sculptures and decorative objects.
(808) 959-0361

JC Sandblast & Recycle Glass Service (Kauai) transforms recycled glass containers into art objects with a tropical motif etched or painted onto the surface. (808) 245-2600




Made of composted greenwaste screened to 1/2- or 3/8-inch minus. It has been used around the island at Punahou School baseball and football fields, Waipio Soccer Park, and Central Oahu Regional Park.

For more information, please contact: Maui EKO Systems, Inc. at (808) 572-8844 or Hawaiian Earth Products at 682-5895.





Mulch is composted greenwaste screened to 1½-inch minus. It has been used at Hawaiian Waters
Adventure Park, Kapolei High School, Ko'Olina Resort and Marina pathways, North Shore bikeway, Diamond Head pathway, Kalaheo High School and Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

Menehune Magic Cover Mulch by
Hawaiian Earth Products at 682-5895.




Paper Products


The oil change box is made out of post-consumer waste paper and can be found in Oahu stores wheremotor oil is sold. Drain your used oil directly into the oil change box, seal it and put it in your trash. Your trash is taken to H-POWER, the City's waste-to-energy plant, where it is burned as fuel to generate electricity.

Oil Change Boxes by ACCESS Information Management







Tire Products


Made from 100% recycled tires, playground surfacing is used to create a cushioned surface for play areas and areas under playground equipment.

Specialized Rubber Products (Kahuku) produces the crumb rubber and Pacific Recreation (488-0644) and Specialty Surfacing (682-0777) sell and apply the final product.



Crumb rubber is made from 100% recycled tires. It is used as a soil additive to improve drainage and aeration in heavy clay soils. This product was used in creating the Waipio Soccer Park.

Crumb rubber by Unitek at 682-8284

Tire Derived Fuel (TDF)
Unitek Solvent Services (682-8284)

Disclaimer: This is a listing of businesses who have, at one point, made recycled products in Hawaii. The purpose of this page is to showcase the possible recyclable and recycled product markets that can be created. Inquire with the businesses directly regarding their current practices.

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