Recycled Products Made in Hawaii

Complete the Cycle. Buy Recycled.

Simply collecting recyclable material and keeping it out of the waste stream is not actually “recycling.” Those materials must then be remanufactured into new products, and we, as consumers and businesses, must purchase these products in order to complete the cycle.

Buying recycled is as important as collection if recycling is going to continue to expand as an economically viable alternative to disposal. It’s basic supply and demand. Since our goal is to significantly reduce waste by channeling material to recycling (thus increasing supply), we have to also play a role in increasing demand.

Recycled materials recovered in local collection programs are remanufactured into new products by companies in Asia, Mainland USA and here in Hawaii. By purchasing recycled products, especially those that are made in Hawaii, you help to complete the cycle and reduce Hawaii's waste.

So what’s being made with the materials you’re collecting? And what kinds of products could you be buying? For a full range of available products, ask your merchant to show you their recycled-content products that are comparable to ones you already purchase. For a listing of companies and products made right here in the islands from materials collected in local recycling programs, click on the links below.

The state Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT) has compiled an exhaustive list of recycled products available from local vendors (but not necessarily made) in Hawaii. View DBEDT's "Buy Recycled in Hawaii" Guide. But be warned, this link will take you off our website (though you can always return!)

Recycled Product Categories

See locally made recycled products at The Honolulu Zoo.
Click here to view a complete Guide to Recycled Products Made in Hawaii.

  A young visitor to the Recycled Products Store lounges on a chair crafted from old cardboard boxes by artist Mark Alan Chai. More recycled art is featured in the Media Library.


  Honolulu Recovery Systems crushes glass to specification for use as aggregate in construction applications (e.g., fill, pipe cushion) and "glasphalt."
207 Puuhale Road, Honolulu, HI 96819
(808) 841-3179
  Grace Pacific Corporation uses crushed glass as an aggregate on paving projects. This product is called glasphalt.
Corporate Office, 949 Kamokila Blvd., Suite 100, Kapolei, HI 96707
(808) 674-8383
(808) 674-1040 (Fax)


    Unitek Solvent Services recycles oily waste into an alternative supplement to diesel fuel.
91-125 Kaomi Loop
Kapolei, HI 96707
(808) 682-8284
(808) 673-3241 (Fax)
    AES Hawaii Generation Plant uses recycled oil as a fuel source at their power plant.
91-086 Kaomi Loop
Kapolei, HI 96707


Cooking Oil


Pacific Biodiesel's fuels are made from recycled cooking oils. Since November 2002, Biodiesel (B20, a 20% blend of 100% Biodiesel and low sulphur diesel) has been dispensed from three City fuel sites -- Honolulu, Keehi and Kapaa. The volume of fuel dispensed from these three sites accounts for approximately 80% of the total volume of fuel dispensed at all City automotive fuel sites.

Pacific Biodiesel, Inc.
Maui - Main Operations
40 Hobron Avenue
Kahului, Hawaii 96732
(808) 877-3144
(808) 877-5030 (Fax)

Oahu Biofuels Facility
1003 Makepono Street
Honolulu, Hawaii

(808) 841-2177

Green Waste


Hawaiian Earth Recycling, Ltd., recycles yard trimmings into soil conditioners, compost and soil blends. The company's bagged compost and soil conditioners, known as the "Menehune Magic" product line, are available at local garden shops. Contact Hawaiian Earth Recycling at 682-5895 for product availability.

Wahiawa: 65-1101 Wilikina Dr.
Wahiawa, HI 96786

Leeward: 91-400 Malakole St.
Kapolei, 96707

Waimanalo: 41-740 Mokulama St.
Waimanalo, 96795

(808) 682-5895

Maui EKO Systems, Inc., produces compost utilizing yard trimmings, untreated wood, pallets, and biosolids. The majority of EKO Compost is sold in bulk to resorts and golf courses. The nutrient-rich EKO products are sold bagged in garden centers under the "EKO Premium Compost" and "EKO Tropical Blend" labels.
P.O. Box 1065
Puunene, HI 96784
(808) 572-8844



Island Shell makes the "Oil Change Box" to safely dispose of and recycle used oil. These boxes, made with post-consumer waste paper, are available at retail stores. They also manufacture two new products, hydro-mulch and cellulose insulation.
98-736 Moanalua Loop, Suite C
Honolulu, HI 96701
(808) 487-1100
(808) 487-1102



Refrigerant Recycling reclaims refrigerant from old appliances and resells the reclaimed product for new systems.
91-220 Komohana Street
Kapolei, HI 96707
(808) 682-1555
(808) 682-5155 (Fax)



Unitek Solvent Services markets shredded and crumbed old tires for fuel.
91-125 Kaomi Loop
Kapolei, HI 96707
(808) 682-8284
(808) 673-3241 (Fax)

  AES Hawaii Generation Plant uses recycled shredded tires as a fuel source at their power plant.
91-086 Kaomi Loop
Kapolei, HI 96707

Disclaimer: This is a listing of businesses who have, at one point, made recycled products in Hawaii. The purpose of this page is to showcase the possible recyclable and recycled product markets that can be created. Inquire with the businesses directly regarding their current practices.

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