Collectors & Recycling Companies

Recycling Companies

The companies listed in this section provide a variety of recycling and/or collection services.

Collectors only provide collection service for recyclable material. They do not offer refuse collection service. A collector will pick up recyclable material from your home or business and deliver it to a recycling company.

Recycling and composting companies operate the facilities that take in and process the recyclable materials, and they also provide collection service. For paper, glass and metal recyclers "process" means compacting, baling, crushing and either shipping off-island or delivering to a local end-user. For a composting company the word "process" means that they are actually creating the new product onsite.

Collectors and recycling companies may be willing to pick up high-value recyclables from high-generation sites (condos and businesses) at no charge, and some provide recycling containers. For household collection, there currently are two collectors offering curbside collection service to island homes for a fee by subscription.

Refuse haulers, who traditionally hauled garbage, may have expanded their services to include recycling collection services. A list of refuse haulers is not provided on this website. Check the yellow pages in your phone book for haulers. A refuse hauler may charge for hauling your recyclable material, and then credit you for the value of the material. If a hauler also provides refuse hauling for your facility, recyclables might be collected separately at no additional charge. Start by asking your current refuse hauler what type of recycling services and containers they offer.

If you deliver recyclable material directly to the recycling facility yourself, you will receive payment for most material. The exceptions include yard waste, tires, auto batteries, where the recyclers will charge you a fee to accept these materials.

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