Aloha Shares Network

A Statewide Reuse Cooperative

Aloha Shares Network accepts surplus materials from businesses and residents and distributes them to nonprofits and schools.

Every day, Hawaii businesses and residents dump tons of perfectly good, sometimes new, surplus and used materials into island landfills. Hotels, construction companies, hardware stores, building supply outlets, legal firms, and other businesses dump new, and used office furniture and supplies, equipment, construction materials and fixtures, household furnishings, and more for lack of convenient alternatives. In the process of cleaning out, these companies and individuals incur hauling costs, tipping fees, and sometimes storage charges as well.

Meanwhile, nonprofit organizations and schools with limited budgets need the same items for their own operations, educational programs, assistance to low income clients, construction of affordable housing, and other charitable activities.

Aloha Shares provides a network to link donor with nonprofits. Hawaii businesses and residents wishing to donate items and Hawaii nonprofits and schools wishing to register may contact Aloha Shares Netrwork:

Phone toll-free 1-866-542-2232
On Maui phone 572-6668
Fax 1-808-572-4817

email to:

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