Waimanalo Gulch Landfill Expansion

Public Community Scoping Meetings (completed)

Public community scoping meetings were held in July and August 2006 to assist the City in identifying and addressing community concerns as part of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process. The EIS Preparation Notice was published on November 23, 2006 with a 30-day comment period.

Group memory and responses for each meeting, and a summary of the issues are linked below.

Summary of Issues presented at community meetings.

Draft Environmental Impact Statement (completed)

The Draft Environmental Impact Statement was published in the May issue of the Environmental Notice, State Office of Environmental Quality Control (OEQC), followed by a 45-day public comment period.

Final Environmental Impact Statement (completed)

The Final Environmental Impact Statement was accepted by the City Department of Planning and Permitting on behalf of the Mayor on October 13, 2008. The document was filed and will be published in the October 23, 2008 issue of the Environmental Notice, State OEQC. The FEIS will be posted after October 23, 2008 in the Technical Studies section of this website.

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