Services and Programs

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Curbside Collection Service

Refuse Collection
Bulky Item Collection
Curbside Recycling (green waste, mixed recyclables)

Drop-off Facilities

Recycling Centers
HI-5 Recycling Redemption Centers (link to state HI-5 website)
Convenience Centers
Transfer Stations
Waimanalo Gulch Sanitary Landfill
Bulky Items
Mulch/Compost Facilities
Free Mulch (pick-up)
Household Hazardous Waste


Recycling Assistance for Business
Mandatory Recycling Laws
How to conduct a waste audit
How to set up a recycling program
Model Recycling Programs
Peer Consultants

Recycling Assistance for Condos
Recycling Assistance for Schools
Recycling Assistance for City Employees
Don't Dump on Hawaii -- Help stop illegal dumping
HI-5 Beverage Container Deposit Recycling Program (history)
"Food Too Good to Waste" (food waste prevention guide, cookbook, and tips)
DIY HI-5 Public Recycling Containers Project


(see Resource Library, Media Library, Learning Center)
Resource Library: Recycling companies, recycling container vendors, recycled products, reuse organizations, waste prevention tips, how to conduct a waste audit, how to set up recycling programs, model programs, peer consultants, technical studies, recycling rates, waste composition, e-waste recycling, construction/demolition recycling, weblinks, tables, worksheets, local/national organizations, recycling and disposal laws
Media Libary: graphics, photos, music, school/classroom projects
Learning Center: school/classroom projects, Tour de Trash, Discover Recycling, recycling fundraisers

How the City Manages Oahu's Waste

Overview (current operations and plans to reduce waste to landfill through H-POWER waste-to-energy, recycling, composting)
Landfill (current operations, expansion plans, new site selection)

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