Peer Consultants

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Peer Consultants

Are you interested in recycling and reducing your waste, but not sure how to start? Many companies have already established successful programs, and are willing to advise you on how to do the same. These businesses include hotels, restaurants, property managers, food and beverage operations and commercial offices.

The following peer consultants are available to your organization, free of charge. First, they will take you on a tour of their facilities so you can learn about their programs. Second, they will advise you as you plan your own program. When you are ready to get started, just call them. Or, if you would like us to introduce you, call the City Recycling Office at 768-3200 or contact us by email.

Tour de Trash provides another opportunity to meet these experts and tour their recycling operations. Tour dates are offered year-round. Call to register at 768-3200.

Tom Jones
Gyotaku Japanese Restaurant

Claire Yee
Tripler Army Medical Center
(Medical Services)

Mike Leary
Island Demo
(C&D Material Recovery)

John Luney
HMSA Center
(Insurance Services)

Tim Hatfield
City Mill
(Home Improvement)

Sheryl Toda
Foodland Super Market, Ltd.
(Food Service)

Diana Schlumpf
US GSA/Federal Building

David Sullivan
Hickam Air Force Base

Mark White
Pacific Waste Consulting Group
(Consulting Services)
(916) 387-9777 - PST

Clayton Ichikawa
(Print Services)
523-5055 x303

Michael Drace
Young Laundry and Dry Cleaning
(Laundry Services)

Sandra Bollozos-Fraticelli
Chaney, Brooks & Company
(Property Management)

Cecily Ching
Pacific Office Properties
Davies Pacific, LLC
LaSalle Partners
(Property Management)

Mari Tait
Hawaii Convention Center
(Convention & Meeting Center Services)

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Peer Consultants for Buying Recycled-Content Products

Are you interested in learning more about the costs and benefits of buying recycled-content products? The recycling circle starts when you buy products that are made from recyclable materials. The demand for these products creates the economic environment needed to encourage recycling. And, when you use locally-made recycled products, you directly support our local effort to recycle more and reduce Hawaii's waste.

Most of the following peer consultants represent a new industry emerging in Hawaii, creating quality products from the recyclable materials you collect. These businesses and others are available to advise you about the costs and benefits of purchasing recycled products manufactured here in Hawaii as well as on the mainland.

Gail Suzuki-Jones
Hawaii Green Business
Green Purchasing

Bernie Boltz
Island Shell, Inc.
Produces insulation, hydromulch and absorbant materials from waste paper

Ululani Rosario
Hawaiian Cracked Glass
959-0361 (on the Big Island)

Rubens Fonseca
Maui EKO Systems
572-8844 (on Maui)
Green waste, untreated wood, pallets, biosolids, and fats and oils composting

Jay West
Peak Creations
885-7812 (on the Big Island)
Creates crushed glass gardens and recycled paper products

JC and JoAnn Carvalho
Coconut Wireless Glass
JC Sandblast & Recycle Kauai Service
245-2600 (on Kauai)

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