Recycling for City Employees

Welcome to the City employee section of the City and County of Honolulu Refuse Division's website. As a City employee, you play an important role in taking care of garbage, the City's garbage. The information in this section is here to help you do the best job possible.

  • What to Recycle: Start by checking out what materials can be recycled by City employees.
  • Recycled Products: Take your recycling efforts to a new level by learning about the purchase of local recycled-content products. City agencies are required to purchase recycled content paper products. Click on Mandatory Recycling For City Agencies below for more information about purchase requirements.
  • Reduce and Reuse: Find out how your office can go beyond recycling by reusing items and reducing waste.
  • Mandatory Recycling for City Agencies: To increase recycling on Oahu, the City is committed to lead by example. Disposal restrictions like the ones for green waste and cardboard that the City imposes on the commercial sector, affect our own operations as well. Office paper recycling became mandatory for City agencies years before it was required for commercial buildings too. Click for summaries of the refuse and recycling ordinances.
  • For Further Assistance:
    City employees with recycling questions may email them to or call the City's Recycling Office at 768-3200.

What to Recycle - City Agencies

Below is a list of items your department can target for recycling.  What you sort out for recycling will depend on your operations. City agencies are required to recycle office paper, cardboard, newspaper, aluminum, and plastic under Section 9-1.11. Green waste, e-waste, metals, tires, auto batteries, rechargeable batteries, and motor oil are banned from disposal. ENV manages central contracts for office paper, green waste and tires for city agencies. For other materials, each agency will need to establish its own agreements. Click for Recycling Companies on Oahu, specialized E-waste Companies.

Office Paper
How the Program Works
The City offers an office paper recycling program for City agencies to recycle office paper, newspaper and cardboard.  Currently the program includes approximately 20 City facilities.
If your office is tenanted in a commercial building, please contact the property management for information about the recycling established in the building. Commercial office buildings with 20,000 square feet of office space are required to have recycling programs.
If your office is small and/or in a remote location, please contact the City’s Recycling Branch for assistance: email or call 768-3200.

HI5 Beverage Containers-Aluminum/Glass/Plastic
Employees in most City agencies have set up collection boxes for their own HI-5 beverage containers. If your office does not have its own collection, public HI5 collection receptacles are located at all the major City facilities including Honolulu Hale, Kapolei Hale, Fasi Municipal Building, BWS, HPD, Hanauma Bay, Blaisdell, Waikiki Shell, Golf Courses, Fort Street Mall, Waikiki District and City parks.

Ink Cartridges
Ink cartridge recycling companies can be found locally or return empty printer cartridges to your vendor.

Electronic Waste (e-waste) 
E-waste includes computers, printers, televisions, FAX machines, copiers, answering machines, scanning machines, calculators and other miscellaneous equipment. City Purchasing Division has established electronic waste recycling guidelines. More detail about e-waste recycling options on Oahu.

Scrap Metal-Ferrous/Non ferrous
All metals are banned from City disposal sites. See metal recyclers for commercial recycling locations.

Green Waste
The City has a central master contract for green waste, currently with Hawaiian Earth Recycling. Please deliver green waste to their Wahiawa facility, 682-5895. For contract unit pricing and details, contact City Purchasing Division.

The City has a central master contract for used tires, currently with Unitek Solvent Services. Please deliver used tires to their Campbell Industrial Park, 682-8284. For contract unit pricing and details, contact City Purchasing Division.

Untreated wood and pallets can be delivered to Hawaiian Earth Recycling in Wahiawa, 682-5895. Unit pricing same as for green waste. Nails are okay but bolts must be removed.
Oil-Motor Oil/Cooking Oil
Numerous recycling companies will accept motor oil and cooking oil. See Recycling Companies by material category.

Lead acid and rechargeable batteries should be returned to the vendors, or make arrangements with local battery recycling companies.

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