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How does the program work?
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About 85% of our trash can be recycled.  It is estimated that each of us currently generates more than a pound of recyclable paper every day.  That really adds up!

How does the program work?

The Office Paper Recycling Program, illustrated below, makes recycling easy.

1. Employees put recyclable paper into desk-side box.

City employees are provided with desk-side boxes to make it easy to sort recyclable office paper while you work.


2. Employees empty full boxes into centralized drop-off containers, usually located near copy machines

Please make sure you put only paper that can be recycled into the containers.  The wrong type of paper can contaminate and ruin an entire batch of recyclable paper.  (See below for what can and can't be recycled.)

Flatten corrugated cardboard boxes and leave them alongside the stackable containers.

3. Custodial staff collects paper and cardboard from centralized drop-off containers and deposits in the mixed paper dumpster.

4. Recyclable paper is picked up by a recycler, where the paper is resorted, baled and shipped off island to recycling markets.

You can recycle...

White Ledger Paper:

  • Copier paper
  • Black inked "Blueprints"

Colored paper, including:

  • Copier paper
  • Carbonless multi-copy forms
  • File folders
  • Yellow legal paper

Cardboard (flatten and leave next to bins)

(Staples need not be removed from any type of paper)

You cannot recycle...

  • Bindings: glued, metal, spiral
  • Blue inked "Blueprints"
  • Carbon paper
  • Envelopes
  • Glossy magazines
  • Labels, adhesives, tape
  • Paper bags, plates, cups
  • Paper clips, binder clips
  • Paper towels, napkins
  • Photographs
  • Rubber bands
  • Telephone books
  • Tissues

For Further Assistance

How can I obtain further assistance? We can assist you if you need equipment, educational materials, or someone to come to your office and make a presentation. Contact us.

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